Music is communication 

by heart

… and there is nothing that touches your heart more deeply than the human voice.

Welcome to my website. I'd love to welcome you personally here with a musical greeting. If you provide me with your email-address, it'll be my pleasure to send you my musical greetings.


Bettina Schneebeli

A sensitive soul is addressed by colors, an even more sensitive one by sound.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Audio Samples

You will soon find a collection of my recordings here.

Currently I have L‘Artisana furieux, from
Le marteau sans maître
by Pierre Boulez ready for you.
You might need to activate the loudspeakers with 'unmute'.

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Companies have anniversaries, couples get married (and have anniversaries too), and people celebrate, and sometimes you want to frame that with great music.

Here you can find out how to do that ...

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September 20, 2020


About me

Paul Celan, the great German poet, once wrote that " there are still songs to sing beyond mankind."

Singing and making music are an expression of my life. I would like to convey to people like you that there are still many songs for us humans to sing, here and now!

As a singer I am in search for this language of humanity

Was andere sagen

Susan M

"Kurzweiliger, intensiver und lehrreicher Unterricht.
Auf spielerische Art weiss Bettina wie sie mich aus der Reserve locken kann"

Brigitte T

"Die fröhlichen Gesangsstunden mit Bettina sind eine spannende, freudige Entdeckungsreise zu mir selbst und zu meinem Körper als klingendes Instrument."