September 20, 2020

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Melodramma tragico von Saverio Mercadante 

based on Shakespeare's Hamlet

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An opera production by Oper im Knopfloch

Performances: dates & times

postponed to June / July 2021

in the

Theater Stok Zürich

"We shall not see his like again!" (Hamlet, W. Shakespeare)

And thus the story starts:

The male head of a powerful family was treacherously murdered. Great mysteries are surrounding the crime. His widow Geltrude has long been in love with Claudio, who secretly seeks power within the family. In the conflict about who to appoint as successor, Geltrude switches back and forth, time and again, between her son Amleto, the rightful heir and her lover ...

  • Director: Yaron David Müller-Zach
  • Conductor: Judit Polgar
  • Costumes / stage: Jasmine Lüthold
  • Mask: Sarah Gmür
  • Stage / lightingdesign: Simonetta Zoppi
  • Singers: Bettina Schneebeli, Stephanie Bühlmann, Rosina Zoppi, Pawel Grzyb, Fabrice Raviola
  • Instrumentalists: Isabell Weymann, Flute – Gurgen Kakoyan, Clarinet – Flàvio Barbosa, French Horn – Julien Kilchenmann, Violoncello
  • Arrangement: Jan Rösner/Jiri Slabihoudek
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