Welcome at projects & repertory

In order to provide you with the best possible support in your project, you have the following options:

  • You are looking for a mezzo-soloist who can step in at short notice because you are an organizer or conductor
    –> projects or –> repertory Opera – Operetta – Musical      or –> repertory Oratorio – Lied – Concert
  • You are looking for a musical accompaniment to a company event, a party, an anniversary, a wedding ... etc. and you are looking for an artist to turn your ideas into a musical reality (and who is also able to organize and carry out such a project successfully) –> project request
  • You yourself are the project, i.e. You would like to take coaching, possibly singing lessons with me and we should talk once. Please let me know your ideas in this  –> request form
  • As part of the 'fan club' you would like to learn more about my concerts, visit my concerts and / or learn more about my own projects, self-organized concerts, song recitals, house concerts, benefit events etc.